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    Talents are on the Rise


    The trick is that some of them indeed are, while others can make you plummet in a downward spiral of a market…That is why you need a Recruitment Advisor, a trusted partner, who picks the right candidates for you to avoid recruited related mistakes.

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    You found us and we want to get to know you


    We are confident about the fact, that clear goals, a long term recruitment philosophy, a balanced diversity of employees, and a quick placement create a path to your financial goals. There’s recruitment, and there is smart recruitment. We’re the latter, we’re better!  Contact us as we want to get to know you.

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    Why You need a Talent Advisor?


    We help you in creating a recruitment strategy that represents your company. Getting to know you and your organization is our primary goal. – An approach centered on your organization’s priorities. It’s time for a recruitment strategy that puts your needs and priorities front and center. So we can recruit the candidates that believe what you believe.

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December 2017   by  Christoph Oswald 

Recruiting successfully without changing the organization. 

December 2017   by  Christoph Oswald 

Why is Talent Acquisition damned to be inefficient?

December 2017   by  Gnanasambandam 

Hiring a Product Manger? Beware of the dramatic change in the job.

We advise you,

you call the right decision in recruitment


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we specialize in for talent acquisition

IT & Software

Primarily Anglo Saxon stocklisted IT companies in cutting edge technologies and fast paced environments request our services year after year. Candidates for sales and IT are our focus. 


We place a special emphasis on recruiting  top engineers for positions such as for software development, functional safety, batteries, ADAS, Automated Driving. Our production engineers fully understand the art of increasing production efficiencies.

Banks & Finance

Combined skills in IT and banking for the financial industry is what we can provide very well. The jobs range from designing specific banking applications to transforming the bank’s infrastructure into an agile, DevOps integrated, cloud based environment. 

Outsourcing & Offshoring

For outsourcing companies we fill key positions in operations, delivery and sales. We work successfully the other way around as well:  for clients we select the outsourcing partner and manage the project.  

We help candidates get their act

together before they talk to employers.

What customers and candidates say

about their cooperation with us:

Their secret to success is taking the full picture of recruitment into account. Writing a job description, finding and assessing candidates are not isolated tasks but go hand in hand for ISC. This way they know how to attract candidates into the process who can do the job, discourage the ones from applying that are not a fit and lay out an interview approach for assessment. As a result our time to hire is faster, cost is lower and the pool of suitable candidates is greater. Great job! 

- Customer

Talking to ISC is a win, regardless if I get the job or not. Everything is centered around me as a candidate. What is my passion, where are my strength, where is a fit, what are the logical next steps in my career move? The assessment is not based on the fact that I had done the job before but on the assessment if I could do the job successfully. 

- Candidate

Big or small

 businesses trust us

publicly traded companies on NASDAQ

publicly traded companies on DAX

publicly traded companies on LSE

privately-held companies

If you recruit based on a vision

then the new hires do not need to be managed. They will go figure out how to do it, according to Steve Jobs. 

We believe that not every company can recruit on the basis of a common vision.  So we come in to understand the basis if the clients's organization that allow sucessfull recruiting to happen. We keep control of the other variables and will find the best match.  

Our team members are experts, who have enough of knowledge, good and sound judgement and expertise to predict what you can and what you should do next.

Contact us to see what we can do for you. 


a free consultation

Would you like to speak to one of our  recruitment advisers? Just submit your contact details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you prefer that type of communication.

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